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Are you HAPPY with your current janitor?

If not, then please consider Environ for your janitorial needs. If you have experienced issues with your present service provider, problems are likely to continue or get worse. Don't wait until your boss comes in and finds the front door unlocked.

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The search for great janitorial service in Anchorage stops here.

What can Environ do for your small to medium sized business property?  We've been cleaning Anchorage businesses for almost 40 years!  When you need quality janitorial services, just give Environ a call.

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What sets Environ apart from the other janitorial companies in Anchorage?

  • Performance: Your specifications are a part of the Environ performance based, "month-to-month" contract. If at any time our service does not meet your expectations, the contract can be ended with a memo from you. That's it.
  • Value: The average janitorial company habitually cuts corners. They rush their cleaning crews, and compete on price alone. The cheapest janitorial contract is not always the way to go. No other building service contractor will do as good of job as Environ for the same price.
  • Experience: Founder and owner of Environ, Rod Gregg, started as a custodian in 1984. He has since built two other janitorial companies in Anchorage. Personal supervision is the key to providing your company with high quality janitorial service. Rod personally inspects your property to ensure you are receiving the best service possible.

You shouldn't have the think twice about your janitorial service every morning. It should just happen.