Janitorial Services

If you're looking for first class service that meets your janitorial budget, give us a call today.

The Janitor Service We Provide You

We provide you pro-active janitor service in Anchorage. When searching for a janitor for your place of business, keep in mind that Environ's janitor service is provided by people who have been trained to do the job right. Many janitors in other Anchorage custodian companies are untrained, underpaid, and under qualified to do a proper job cleaning and santizing your place of business. Some companies must rotate their employees as often as every 2-4 weeks for lack of job motivation. Your place of business deserves to be clean!

At Environ, our Janitors are people who have backgrounds, so we won't just hire anybody. We hire the best. We compensate our employees above the rest to ensure their motivation levels stay up when providing our meticulous janitor service in Anchorage. Other Anchorage companies promise to deliver your great service, while Environ WILL provide you great service...or your money back.

White Glove Inspections

After our janitor has provided the janitor service for your building, our trained white glove inspectors come through the building to check for anything the janitor may have missed. These inspections are done by trained personnel who know what you expect from a good custodian who works hard for you. We refer to these inspections as a "military style inspection" because it is done ins the same way a soldier's room would be inspected for cleanliness. Very close attention is paid to the work done. Real people trained for the job are on site every night, we do not use robots to check your building.

The inspector looks for any missed trash cans, makes sure the bathrooms were properly wiped down, spotless mirrors, shiny floors, all the necessary things that make a bathroom clean. They make sure every mirror is clean with no smudge marks. The inspector will check the carpets for anything that was missed vacuuming, then proceed to re-vacuum if necessary to ensure a virtually spotless carpet. In the winter, it is crucial to maintain a professiona place of business, as ice melt gets tracked in everywhere from your customers shoes. If not dealt with thoroughly, it builds up and finds its way into all kinds of places it doesn't belong. The last thing the inspector does is make sure all doors have been locked and secured, that the building codes are set, that the lights are off, and last but not least, that your dumpster lid was not left open, ensuring no scavenging ravens tear into the garbage leaving a horrible mess all over the parking lot. Most companies that do offer this type of inspection, have the owner of the company doing these inspections, as in all of them. But, the owner is not able to check every single building himself, that is why, Environ Commercial Services has a team of inspectors specifically hired just for inspecting accounts.

It's Your Decision

When searching Anchorage for a janitor service, please diligently consider us for a bid on your building. We promise to give you our best. If at any time you feel you are not being serviced as agreed, we will ensure you get an employee who knows how to clean your building correctly. An unmotivated janitor provider results in missed work, and uncleaned areas, in your building. The success rate of janitor service providers in Anchorage remains under 20%, because most cannot get good, honest, reliable people in your building. That means it may take you going through up to 5 different custodian companies before getting a quality service provider. Environ's double layer of quality control will keep your building good to go every time we're there, thanks to janitor service in Anchorage you can count on, Environ Commercial Services.